About DigiJes

DigiJes is founded by Jessie de Booij, a digital jack-of-all-trades, who has a passion for fixing digital marketing basics and content marketing. Besides, she has extensive experience in the field.

More than everything, she loves to tell you all ins and outs of the digital marketing landscape with great enthusiasm and a big smile. She will enlighten you on how you can enforce this organically for your own company or brand. Her expertise in branding and storytelling translates to different online marketing channels, such as social media, email and website (SEO and UX). 

Her goal is to pass on the right knowledge and skills, which will create the perfect foundation for your company to grow!

Digital Jack-of-all-trades

  • More than 6 years active as a digital content coordinator, content marketer and social media manager;
  • Skilled in setting up online and content marketing strategies; 
  • Knowledge of social media marketing, email marketing, UX, SEO, content management and a great variety of online tools;
  • Skilled in graphic design and copywriting;
  • Loves analysing as ‘measuring is knowing’;
  • Aware of and up to date with the latest trends;
  • Efficient and structured approach;
  • Fluent in Dutch and English;
  • Proactive and enthusiastic personality;
  • Graduated in Online Marketing B (SRM), Digital Marketing Specialization (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and English Language & Culture (Utrecht University).

Work Experience

  • Currently Digital Content Manager at Caressa Animal Hospitals and responsible for the strategy and execution of all the digital marketing (social media, email, SEO, SEA, UX and paid advertisement) of the group. 
  • Social Media Marketer at WE Fashion and thereby responsible for the organic social media strategy with a focus on brand awareness and engagement. The social content marketing strategy was analytically backed up with data analysis. In addition, she was closely involved with the e-commerce team and paid advertisement strategy for branding campaigns. 
  • Digital Content Coordinator at Vue Cinemas and online marketer at Kinepolis.  In these roles, she was responsible for the strategy and execution of the following channels: social media, email, and website content (such as content optimisation, blogs and SEO). In addition, she set up and optimised the data analysis of these channels.